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Tricell CEO playable in Resi 5 Gold

Elegant villainess stars in Mercs Reunion.

Capcom has revealed one of the new playable characters for Mercenaries Reunion, the new version of the Mercenaries mode included in the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5 or in a series of DLC releases over the next few months.

The new character is Excella Gionne, who is corrupt chief executive of the Tricell corporation, and who also happens to be a curvy lady in a revealing cocktail dress. Screens show her dispatching zombies with high-heeled kicks and an SMG.

We don't yet know which of the four upcoming DLC packs she'll be included with: Lost in Nightmares or the attendant Costume Pack 1 on 17th February, or Desperate Escape / Costume Pack 2 on 3rd March.

The whole lot can be purchased, along with the original game, on the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5, which is released for PS3 and Xbox 360 on 12th March.

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