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November 2008 Archive

    1. GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur
    2. GTI Club +
    3. Nine songs for Rock Band this week
    4. Mythic "resolving" sketchy WAR servers
    1. Sonic Unleashed
    2. Sony launches MyPSN on
    3. Jasper Xbox 360 to conquer Red Rings?
    4. Rockstar explains GTA IV's DRM
    5. HD Remix soundtrack free on OCR site
    6. The Trader's Dilemma
    1. Empire: Total War
    2. Work yet to start on FFXIII for Xbox 360
    3. Wii Fit, Mario Kart sell a million each
    4. Chrono Trigger for Europe in February
    5. Far Cry 2
    6. Far Cry 2
    7. Far Cry 2
    8. Rare "may do" new Killer Instinct
    9. Chrono Trigger
    10. Animal Crossing tops Japanese charts
    11. Destroy All Humans PS3 coming to Europe
    12. Gears 2 multiplayer patched
    13. Red Alert 3 demo on Xbox Live
    14. GTA IV for PC has 32-player multi
    15. LocoRoco 2, Age of Booty on PSN
    16. New PAL Releases Roundup
    17. Space Invaders and others for Wii VC
    18. Sonic Unleashed
    1. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
    2. Euro SOCOM PS3 pushed to "early 2009"
    3. Greenpeace has a pop at Nintendo
    4. PS Home open to everyone this year
    5. Otomedius Gorgeous!
    6. Chronicles of Spellborn launches - sort of
    7. Sony dodges PSP2 "speculation"
    8. Free Street Fighter hip-hop on PSN
    9. The Agency downplays subs, will have ads
    10. Achievements added to WOW Armory
    11. The Agency to resurface next summer
    12. Steam value-bundles THQ games
    13. Western Resi 5 demos unlikely for 2008
    14. PSN, XBLA get Thanksgiving discounts
    15. PS3 wireless keypad gets date, price
    16. 160GB PS3, wireless keypad unveiled
    17. Destroy All Humans PS3 cancelled
    18. King's Bounty: The Legend
    1. Sony films return to NXE Netflix shop
    2. Rare wanted avatars for Xbox 360 launch
    3. BioShock Challenge Rooms
    4. MS: credit crunch will help Xbox 360
    5. WAR: Stories from the city
    6. RB2 works with GHWT, RR peripherals
    7. DS Roundup
    8. BioShock
    9. Last Remnant DLC coming in December
    10. Zelda man obsessed with besting Ocarina
    11. Players question WAR systems
    12. Sony, Harmonix save early prototypes
    13. Celebrity Chef Showdown: Gordon vs. Jamie
    14. Eidos looking into Tomb Raider Wii bug
    15. Rockstar shows GTA IV editor tutorial
    16. GTA IV was Aronofsky's moment of 2008
    17. Metal Gear Online gets hefty update
    18. Wii sports games still lagging behind
    19. Valve publishes Left 4 Dead stats
    20. Halo 3 expansion gets renamed
    21. No hard drive install for Killzone 2
    22. PS3 full-screen Flash "coming soon"
    23. Skate 2 coming in January
    24. TrackMania DS
    1. HAWX doesn't slip after all
    2. Killzone 2 beta to end on Sunday
    3. Nintendo clears up Wii Speak issue
    4. EyeToy team questions format rivals
    5. Live Killzone 2 interview
    6. Techland holds Warhound back
    7. The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria
    8. TrackMania DS
    9. Banjo-Kazooie
    10. Christmas SongPack for SingStar
    11. Over 1m GeoWars scores registered
    12. 8-bit WOW raid made real
    13. The Killers for Rock Band today
    14. R-Type Tactics
    15. PSP Roundup
    16. Claymation brawler for XBLA, PC
    17. Live Killzone 2 interview today
    18. UK charts: World at War sees off Lara
    19. Valkyrie Profile DS out in spring
    20. PSP piracy is "trending down", says Sony
    21. Funcom lays off American staff
    22. No SSFII Turbo HD for PSN this week
    23. Red Alert 3 PC demo now available
    24. Download games too cheap - XNA dev
    25. PlayStation credit card launches in US
    26. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels
    1. Relic "definitely looking" at Homeworld 3
    2. Dead Space demos due this week
    3. Cult comedy The Guild for Xbox Live
    4. Burnout Paradise to get fastest car ever
    5. Far Cry 2 DLC to cost 800 MS Points
    6. NXE causing problems with HDMI sound
    7. Jaffe blown away by God of War 3
    8. Sony quiet on leaked info rumours
    9. Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip
    10. FFXI to get three new expansions
    11. Get a free copy of GTA: Vice City for PC
    12. NXE Avatars to get more free clothes
    13. Gearbox denies Aliens has been canned
    14. New Far Cry 2 DLC coming soon
    15. Tabula Rasa canned by NCsoft
    16. Sony defends 14m PSN users figure
    17. Age of Booty PSN gets Euro date
    18. Fallout 3 to be patched on all platforms
    19. Scene It? Box Office Smash
    1. SNK Retro Compilation Roundup
    1. The Last Remnant
    1. More from the GTA IV PC video editor
    2. COD: World at War mod tools released
    3. SWOS coming to PC
    4. Call of Duty: World at War
    5. Over 100,000 PS Home invites sent
    6. Microsoft details "Xtival" 360 event
    7. Bejeweled Twist
    8. UFC stars dumped for refusing THQ
    9. Four WiiWare titles out today
    10. Live Left 4 Dead interview at 5pm
    11. Japanese charts: PS3 games on the up
    12. Hoth battle live in Star Wars Galaxies
    13. Wii will sell out by Xmas, says Gamestop
    14. New PAL Releases Roundup
    15. Crash Time 2 demo now on Live
    16. Super Street Fighter II Uno deck coming
    17. Nickelback singer slams Guitar Hero
    18. House of the Dead: Overkill due in Feb
    19. Warner Bros. making Terminator game
    20. PS3 Trophies mandatory from January
    21. First Lips DLC goes live today
    22. SSFII Turbo HD Remix priced
    23. LocoRoco 2 demo, BioShock rooms on PSN
    24. Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
    1. BattleForge sets sights on MMOs
    2. PVP in Age of Conan
    3. WOW: Lich King sells 2.8m in 24 hours
    4. Legal spat over Baja cover settled
    5. Square Enix: "one-console market is over"
    6. Bungie explains Halo 3 HDD issue
    7. Need For Speed Undercover
    8. ArmA 2
    9. PETA takes on Cooking Mama
    10. King's Bounty gets UK retail date
    11. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
    12. Traffic light age ratings for spring 2009
    13. Capcom wins Dead Rising lawsuit
    14. Google abandons virtual world
    15. Sony to pay USD 18m for infringing patent
    16. Banjo-Kazooie XBLA slips to December
    17. Sacred 2
    18. The Wheelman shapes up for February
    19. Half-Life is ten, buy it cheap
    20. Microsoft working to fix NXE "hiccups"
    21. Colin McRae and DiRT to return
    1. Fable II reveal delayed
    2. Lips
    3. Fils-Aime: Wii "nowhere near" a price cut
    4. Tomb Raider review at 5pm!
    5. Full Lips UK track listing
    6. GHWT Xbox Live event next weekend
    7. DRM still causing FM 2009 headaches
    8. Prince of Persia gets pre-order goodies
    9. FM 2009 "has a chance" at Christmas No.1
    10. A Kingdom for Keflings
    11. Gears 2 matchmaking fix "top priority"
    12. EA commentless on Boom Blox 2 sighting
    13. NinjaBee making A Kingdom for Keflings
    14. What you can do with GTA's vid editor
    15. Sony Pictures pulls NXE Netflix content
    16. SSFIIT HD Remix gets XBLA date
    17. Sony responds to lacklustre LBP sales
    18. New PSP firmware due shortly
    19. Bruiser & Scratch for WiiWare in Dec
    20. Rare LBP download up for grabs
    21. Developers sue Brash Entertainment
    22. World at War loses out in Live chart
    23. How to put Avatars in old XBLA games
    24. UK videogame sales on the up
    25. Left 4 Dead
    1. JoWooD revokes Gothic 4 date
    2. Suicide game developer tackles Telegraph
    3. SEGA mute on OutRun Online Arcade
    4. UK charts: World at War calls the shots
    5. New Spore patch offers free limbs
    6. National Geographic gets into videogames
    7. LOTRO and EQ2 expansions out today
    8. DX10, dungeons in next Conan update
    9. Square Enix working on new action game
    10. Champions and Star Trek MMOs for PS3?
    11. All NXE preview sign-ups get it early
    12. Active PSN accounts total 14 million
    13. Xbox 360 to hit 25m sales this month
    14. Left 4 Dead goes live on Steam
    15. Alone in the Dark: Inferno
    1. Everton signs Football Manager database
    2. Halo MMO had been green-lit
    3. Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City
    4. WAR heralds new classes with live event
    5. All WOW: Lich King raids defeated
    6. Virtual Console Roundup
    7. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
    8. DSi still topping the charts in Japan
    9. MGO Meme Expansion gets date, price
    10. World of Goo piracy at 90 per cent
    11. Halo Wars
    12. Koreans go crazy for Aion beta
    13. Aion: Tower of Eternity
    14. inFamous length "still to be determined"
    15. Win thousands of MS Points this week
    16. Valve bundles 22 games for USD 99
    17. Huxley delayed until 2009 in US
    18. Live inFamous interview
    19. inFamous will be "about quality", not length, says creative director
    20. Dead Kennedys tracks hit Rock Band
    21. Play EG's Name That Game compo
    22. Lips mic won't work with other music titles
    23. GTA DS to feature most of IV's map
    24. Xbox Live downtime planned this morning
    25. More Burnout Paradise DLC unveiled
    1. Growing the Long Tail
    1. Vigilante 8 Arcade
    1. Street Fighter IV dated for PS3/360
    2. SEGA apologises for FM 2009 problems
    3. Geometry Wars: Retro Explained
    4. Three Killers songs for GHWT
    5. Love
    6. LocoRoco 2 flash mini-game Friday
    7. Warhammer Online is Korea-bound
    8. NXE adds 10,000 more previewers
    9. Blue Mars gets beta, launch dates
    10. Shaun White Snowboarding
    11. Hydrophobia gushes to March 2009
    12. WOW: Lich King sees its first level 80
    13. PSN update stuffed with new content
    14. Age of Conan adds Ymir's Pass zone
    15. Rockstar delays GTA: Chinatown Wars
    16. Pair of oldies for Virtual Console
    17. Battlefield Heroes pushed back to 09
    18. Massive to make MMOs for Ubi
    19. Nintendo formats boss US sales
    20. Reggie: not looking to replace Wii soon
    21. Fable II tops US monthly chart
    22. New PAL releases roundup
    23. Wii Music
    1. Halo 3 Recon only 3-5 hours long
    2. Killzone 2 Multiplayer Beta
    3. Call of Duty: World at War
    4. Call of Duty: World at War
    5. EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey
    6. Lich King launch event photo roundup
    7. New details of Cube remakes for Wii
    8. Oddworld's Citizen Siege still on track
    9. LocoRoco 2
    10. Oddworld will return, confirms Lanning
    11. New Oddworld game on the way
    12. New Oddworld game, CG film
    13. Oddworld bails out of gaming
    14. Hendrix GHWT song pack on Live
    15. WOW paid customisation explained
    16. Nintendo trademarks heaps of DS ideas
    17. EA unveils new keep fit game for Wii
    18. Resi 5 demo announcement soon?
    19. Fans rage at anti-MadWorld campaign
    20. Lich King launch event was UK's biggest
    21. Resident Evil 5
    1. Wii browser update in the pipeline
    2. Blizzard "wouldn't bet against" BioWare
    3. Wheel of Time fantasy books to be games
    4. Squenix handling Supreme Commander 2
    5. Capcom publish millionaires club list
    6. Age of Conan to be released in Korea
    7. Van Damme Street Fighter for Blu-ray
    8. Sins of a Solar Empire add-on delayed
    9. Snowboarding combat game on the way
    10. Three more titles for budget XBLA range
    11. 101-game DS compilation this month
    12. More LOTRO items to give away
    13. Gears 2 sells 2 million in opening weekend
    14. Roper working on Champions' longevity
    15. Call of Duty: World at War patch out
    16. Left 4 demo arrives on PC and Xbox 360
    17. iPhone is "future of gameplay" - Apple
    18. Crayon Physics Deluxe pre-orders live
    19. Garriott leaves NCsoft as profits dive
    20. Blizzard bans 350k from
    21. Microsoft bans Xbox 360 pirates
    22. US to get Mirror's Edge PC in January
    23. Far Cry 2 sales hit 1 million mark
    24. Linger in Shadows
    1. Big Fable II announcement next week
    2. The Lord of the Rings Online: The Mines of Moria
    3. Developer confident about new Silent Hill
    4. Football Manager 2009 patch on Friday
    5. King's Bounty add-on in the works
    6. PS3 Sonic Unleashed moves to December
    7. Animal Crossing Wii Speak bundle priced
    8. PC split-screen removed from L4D demo
    9. eRepublik
    10. Rock Band creators get USD 300m bonus
    11. Maguire is "shopkeeper-slash-pop star"
    12. Prince of Persia PC slips by a week
    13. Lich King midnight launch plans revealed
    14. Jumpgate beta nets 150,000 sign-ups
    15. Final Fantasy VII: Snowboarding released
    16. Q3's top five best-sellers revealed
    17. New ending for Chrono Trigger DS
    18. 25 characters in Street Fighter IV?
    19. Activision buys Guitar Hero port house
    20. Romance is "f***ing hard" - Bleszinski
    21. Ubisoft snaps up World in Conflict
    22. Gears 2 top UK chart, LBP in fourth
    23. UK charts: Fallout 3 is new clear leader
    24. Virtual Console Essentials
    1. Old Republic combat "choreographed"
    2. Heaps of Dead Space DLC on Thursday
    3. Silpheed: The Lost Planet
    4. Art Style WiiWare games for November
    5. Bad Company fan-picked maps arrive
    6. Maguire: rival formats past peak
    7. COD5 is "different game" to COD4
    8. EA cagey on Mirror's Edge PC date
    9. Grand Theft Auto IV review
    10. Sacred 2 adopts unique PC DRM
    11. Play as the zombies with L4D demo hack
    12. Rare will fix Banjo display glitch after all
    13. Football Manager 2009
    14. GHWT, LBP user-content being moderated
    15. COD4 man gets cross with Activision exec
    16. EVE's biggest-ever expansion detailed
    17. Live inFamous interview on Weds
    18. Eurogamer Italia launches
    19. Hover car coming to Burnout Paradise
    20. Mattrick adamant he invented avatars
    21. Age of Booty gets PSN release date
    22. PS3 outselling Xbox 360 in Europe
    1. Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 2
    1. Taming the Gorilla
    2. CCP hints at EVE FPS
    3. The Last Remnant
    1. EA scraps Casual publishing label
    2. Tabula Rasa selling for under a dollar
    3. EVE Online: Walking In Stations
    4. Tabula Rasa update returns to Earth
    5. Rock Band Song Pack 2 detailed
    6. EVE to introduce player-owned bars
    7. MGS4 sells over 4 million copies
    8. PS3 has lowest console attach rate
    9. Inafune denies Dead Rising 2
    10. Dead Rising sequels likely
    11. Blue Castle making Dead Rising 2
    12. Aliens and Brains for WiiWare today
    13. GTA IV, LBP boost Japanese PS3 sales
    14. Why Dennis Hopper did the Mario movie
    15. Ubisoft not doing Heroes game
    16. Halo Wars gets February release date
    17. Avatars XBLA game unveiled
    18. Eurogamer meets Gemma and Tim
    19. Foo Fighters album for Rock Band
    20. Ghostbusters game coming out next year
    21. More than 4m copies of Fallout 3 shipped
    22. Alone and MGS4 demos on PSN
    23. "We're not competing with Guitar Hero," claims Rock Band 2 developer
    24. Lips
    1. EVE sees thousand-player battles
    2. EVE's Premium graphics only "half done"
    3. Sony to send Home beta invites soon
    4. Rare: Banjo display glitch here to stay
    5. Fable II soundtrack for release
    6. House of the Dead: Overkill
    7. Mega Drive compilation for PS3, 360
    8. Turbine planning console MMO "products"
    9. Blizzard: WAR, AOC players coming home
    10. The Chronicles of Spellborn
    11. Why Activision dumped Sierra's games
    12. New PAL Releases Roundup
    13. Resi 5 will sell over 3 million, says Capcom
    14. Far Cry 2 for PC gets first patch
    15. Killzone 2 beta gets underway
    16. Grim Fandango design doc now on net
    17. LittleBigPlanet expert guides
    18. Darksiders, Red Faction: Guerrilla delayed
    19. Tom Clancy's EndWar
    20. Left 4 Dead demo arriving early next week
    21. Pinball FX to get Street Fighter II table
    1. Square Enix shop opens to Europe
    2. Games to be UK's best seller in 2008
    3. Audiosurf price slashed on Steam
    4. Nintendo making economy game
    5. Resistance 2
    6. Galactic Civilization dev outs new game
    7. No Red Alert 3 PS3 this year
    8. Flower, Sun and Rain
    9. New Valkyria Chronicles content coming
    10. Shin Megami Tensei MMO coming west
    11. Resistance 2 and Banjo reviews today
    12. SEGA pulls breakdancing monkey advert
    13. Ubisoft doing EndWar headset bundles
    14. Capcom explains why Talisman was binned
    15. Virtual Console: The Most Wanted
    16. Hellgate: London still dead to the west
    17. SF IV and Bionic dates unconfirmed
    18. Call of Duty tipped for Christmas No. 1
    19. LEGO Batman demo now on Xbox Live
    20. PS3 firmware up to 2.52
    21. COD: WAW 360 beta open to all
    1. Fallout 3 PC to get patch "later today"
    2. Far Cry 2 LiveText interview
    3. SSFII Turbo HD Remix for November
    4. D&D Online gets DX10, Hirelings
    5. Face-Off Extra: BioShock frame analysis
    6. Making Music
    7. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    8. Damnation slips to early 2009
    9. China to tax virtual goods income
    10. Fall Out Boy, Hinder for Rock Band
    11. Rock Band dev doing Beatles game
    12. Hellgate to return with new expansion
    13. Team Ninja sings praises of PS3
    14. Live Fallout 3 interview Tuesday 4pm
    15. EA makes Red Alert 3 CD key blooper
    16. Xbox 360 winning online battle, says Epic
    17. Metal Gear Online has 1 million fans
    18. DSi equipped with 256MB memory
    19. THQ closes five US studios
    20. BioShock Challenge Rooms
    21. Steam Cloud to launch this week
    22. Company of Heroes gets expansion pack
    23. Vigilante 8 on XBLA this Weds
    1. Gears of War 2
    2. Forum bans are not game bans - EA
    3. BioShock Challenge Rooms priced
    4. Rise of the Argonauts misses November
    5. Atari dates PS3 Alone in the Dark
    6. BattleForge beta kicks off this Friday
    7. PS3 game vending machines unveiled
    8. Cryptic hires Flagship's Bill Roper
    9. EA's Inferno to get big screen adaptation
    10. Quantum of Solace: The Game
    11. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
    12. EA doing game based on Dante's Inferno
    13. Gears of War 2
    14. Gears of War 2
    15. Gears of War 2
    16. FPS camera coming to Tabula Rasa
    17. BBC at Eurogamer Expo - watch now
    18. Cheerleader reviews cheerleading game
    19. WarioWare titles planned for DSi
    20. EA delays release of Saboteur
    21. Gears of War 2 review at 2pm GMT
    22. XBLA games to feature avatars soon
    23. No Xbox 360 price drop for "many years"
    24. Gears 2 midnight launches detailed
    25. New 360 hard drive bundle coming soon
    1. Rating Compromises
    1. Xbox Live's Jerry Johnson
    2. New Xbox Experience
    3. NXE manager: "We can do it again"