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Cheerleader reviews cheerleading game

Wii title feels like "directing traffic".

An American Football cheerleader has said playing Wii balance board game All Star Cheerleader "felt like I was directing traffic or something".

Natalie, a dancer for the New York Jets, was invited by the New York Daily News to offer her professional opinion on the THQ title, which launches here on 14th November at the budget price of GBP 14.99.

The unsurprising idea of the game is to match the pompom swishing on screen, using a mixture of arm movements and leg arrangements. But despite her lifelong dedication to the sport, poor old Natalie found this rather hard going.

"I'm prepared in that I know some of these movements. But I've been taking dance since I was two and you can see I'm not perfect," said the unblemished blonde.

"I teach cheerleading," she added. "And I think my little girls would really like this." 

All Star Cheerleader uses over 300 moves created by choreographer Tony Gonzalez, who thought up dances for Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys and Paula Abdul. He also did the moves for the "Bring It On" films, where cheerleading squads go head-to-head to be crowned the best.

There's a video of Natalie putting All Star Cheerleader through its paces on the NY Daily News site. We'll probably just get Ellie to review the game.

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