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Bad Company fan-picked maps arrive

Four free areas up for grabs on Live.

DICE has released the Battlefield: Bad Company Community Choice Pack on Xbox Live.

The bundle is free and contains two single-player levels transformed into multiplayer areas. These were voted the best candidates by fans of the game, and DICE picked a couple of its own, too, taking the tally up to four.

Par For the Course and Acta Non Verba emerged as community favourites after voting began in September, while DICE chose to convert Crossing Over and Ghost Town.

Battlefield: Bad Company was released over the summer and took a more single-player, story-based approach to the series - although a deep and varied online component was also included.

We happened to rather like the result, as you can find out in our Battlefield: Bad Company review.

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Battlefield: Bad Company

PS3, Xbox 360

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