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BF Bad Company getting Trophies

Plus, Conquest election winners.

EA and DICE have announced that Battlefield: Bad Company will be patched with Trophy support on PlayStation 3 during a future round of fixes.

Meanwhile, PS3 and 360 owners will soon be able to access the three weapons given out exclusively to pre-orders, newsletter sign-ups and demo users for free.

Announced yesterday, albeit quietly, forthcoming Bad Company updates will also address server lag, dog tag lag and PS3 VOIP issues, among other tweaks.

The developers are also currently hard at work at transforming the winner of the Battlefield: Bad Company Cast Your Vote thing into a Conquer map fit for a new map pack. Par for the Course and Acta Non Verba were the winning maps after more than 36,000 votes were cast.

For more on Bad Company, which includes a healthy single-player game along with its usual serving of large-scale multiplayer, check out our Battlefield: Bad Company review.