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Japanese charts: Afrika riding high

Safari so good for PS3 animal-photo game.

Afrika almost became king of the Japanese chart-jungle this week, but was beaten to the throne by quirky DS music game Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Rhythm Heaven here).

Quite soundly beaten, actually, excusing the pun; Rhythm Tengoku Gold had 76,000 sales to 38,000 of Afrika, according to Media Create data translated by NeoGAF members.

Ellie, incidentally, is embarking on her imported Afrika adventure as we speak. Remember: the game will only be released in Japan; such is the circle of life.

Rather close to the wilderness adventure was J-League Winning Eleven 2008 Club Championship (a Pro Evolution Soccer release) on PS2, which also had 38,000 sales.

Following was PSP game Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper by Capcom at four, Wii Fit at five, and DS RPG Inazuma Eleven at six.

Freshly-released Battlefield: Bad Company on PS3 surprisingly took seven, Dragon Quest V for DS was at eight, Phantasy Star Portable for PSP held nine and Mario Kart Wii rounded the table off at 10.

Too Human made a little splash, entering the charts 17.

The hardware chart is unsurprisingly dominated by DS with 58,000 units sold, according to Famitsu figures, followed by handheld rival PSP selling 43,000 units.

The Wii had the best of the console battle but posted depleted numbers of 24,000 units, which made the PS3 with 11,000 units none too far away.

PS2 kept up steady but declining sales of 9100 units, while Xbox 360 shifted just 3100 units.


  1. Rhythm Tengoku Gold (DS) - 76,000 (lifetime: 612,000)
  2. Afrika (PS3) - 38,000 (new entry)
  3. J-League Winning Eleven 2008 Club Championship (PS2) - 38,000 (lifetime: 117,000)
  4. Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper (PSP) - 34,000 (new entry)
  5. Wii Fit (Wii) - 31,000 (lifetime: 2,578,000)
  6. Inazuma Eleven (DS) - 29,000 (lifetime: 71,000)
  7. Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3) - 26,000 (new entry)
  8. Dragon Quest V (DS) - 23,000 (lifetime: 1,148,000)
  9. Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) - 23,000 (lifetime: 618,000)
  10. Mario Kart Wii (Wii) - 23,000 (lifetime: 1,734,000)


  1. DS - 58,000
  2. PSP - 43,000
  3. Wii - 24,000
  4. PS3 - 11,000
  5. PS2 - 9100
  6. 360 - 3100