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Vote for new Bad Company maps

Help narrow six down to two.

EA wants you to vote for the Battlefield: Bad Company single-player level you would like turned into a multiplayer Conquest map.

The top two areas picked by the public will be included in an upcoming map pack, alongside a pair chosen by developer DICE. But be quick, as voting comes to a close tomorrow.

Those areas up for the poll are cover-rich Acta Non Verba, golf-inspired Par for the Course, desolate Ghost Town, wooded Crossing Over, exposed Welcome to Bad Company, and infantry-favouring Crash and Grab.

Just pop over to the official Battlefield: Bad Company site to cast your vote.

Battlefield: Bad Company was released back in June and took a more single-player and story-driven approach to the previously online multiplayer-based series - although the latter still featured to a strong degree.

The result was impressive, as our Battlefield: Bad Company review points out.