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25 characters in Street Fighter IV?

Unconfirmed character-select screen.

Eagle-eyed kicky-punchers at Belgium's NEXT expo in Heysel have uncovered what looks like a complete Street Fighter IV character roster.

Reports corralled by Kotaku claim that a Japanese console version of SF IV was on display, and that the game had 25 available characters.

A photo posted on Imageshack and highlighted by Shoryuken forumites supposedly shows Rose among the other previously confirmed faces. There are 26 slots, but the question mark to the right of the countdown is presumably random-select.

Up to now the official line has been that the 12 original SF II characters return, joined by newcomers Abel, Crimson Viper, Rufus and El Fuerte, with Seth, Akuma and Gouken as bosses and hidden characters, and Dan, Fei-Long, Sakura, Cammy and Gen, which makes 24. If Rose is 25, that's presumably it.

Eurogamer has contacted Capcom for comment, but we wouldn't expect much in the way of confirmation.

Street Fighter IV is due out this winter on Xbox 360 and PS3, and you can read more about it on our Street Fighter IV gamepage. A PC version is also planned.

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Street Fighter IV

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