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Warner Bros. making Terminator game

To go with new Christian Bale film.

Warner Bros. plans to make a game tie-in for the brand new Terminator Salvation film.

GRIN of Bionic Commando calibre will develop the game. It's a third-person shooter where the goodies have to survive the superior Skynet robots. Much like the plot used in every film.

Platforms are unspecific, although Xbox 360 and PS3 are a safe bet. And a date is no more clear than "2009".

Terminator Salvation, the film, launches in the UK next June, and stars Christian Bale as hero John Connor. James Cameron has co-written the script, and Joseph McGinty Nichol (who did the Charlie's Angels films) will direct.

The T-800 Terminator also looks remarkably like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who we now cannot stop doing impressions of.