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PS Home open to everyone this year

Closed beta to finish soon, says Sony.

PlayStation Home director Jack Buser has reassured gamers that the PS3 virtual world will be open to everybody this year.

"Like we've said, we're excited about moving PlayStation Home into its open beta stage this year. Once we make the move to open beta, everyone will have access to PlayStation Home," Jack Buser told IGN.

Hundreds of thousands of people were invited inside the closed PlayStation Home beta last week, and an even larger number are expecting invites today.

So far only "loyal" members of the PS3 community are being offered places, but Jack Buser said the closed phase is, well, closing.

"PlayStation Home is nearing the final stages of our closed beta. Last week we successfully moved to our 1.0 client, which places us on schedule for the launch of open beta this year," he said.

The ambitious and free virtual world was unveiled alongside LittleBigPlanet at GDC back in March 2007.

Since then, the online service has been delayed on numerous occasions, as Sony puts its features to the test.

So far, the results are promising, as our hands-on impressions of PlayStation Home pointed out.

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