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Football Manager 2009 patch on Friday

SI starts tackling score-dropping bugs.

Sports Interactive has told Eurogamer to expect a patch for Football Manger 2009 on Friday, alongisde the European launch of the game.

The update will address various compatibility issues people are having with graphics cards and the 3D match engine, as well as tweak long-term injuries and the typing sensitivity in-game.

There are many more fixes besides, and a full list will be plastered over the official Football Manager 2009 website on Friday.

Football Manager 2009 thunders into the new season with a brand new 3D match engine, revamped transfer system, and myriad other nips and tucks.

Unfortunately, what should be a glorious display from the most complete entry in the series was sadly marred by numerous niggles and bugs. Still, Sports Interactive has already begun to iron these out, and will no doubt continue its historically passionate support of game and community until next season arrives.

Head over to our Football Manager 2009 review to find out more.

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Football Manager 2009


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