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No hard drive install for Killzone 2

None at all. Optional or otherwise.

Good news this morning for those dismayed at console gaming's steady slide into the patch-and-install quagmire of playing on PCs. Sony's flagship PS3 shooter, Killzone 2, will not install to the machine's hard drive.

In an "ask the developer" thread on the PlayStation.com boards, Guerrilla's testing manager Seb Downie said, "we are not planning to do any install".

Asked to clarify whether this merely meant installing would be optional, he posted this unambiguous response: "No install. Optional or otherwise."

Killzone 2 will be released in February, exclusively for Sony's machine. It was your second-favourite game at this year's Eurogamer Expo - jointly with Resident Evil 5 - so all signs currently point to "quite good actually".

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Killzone 2


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