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Rockstar shows GTA IV editor tutorial

Some more movies, and how to make 'em.

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Rockstar has released a video showing how you use the editing feature included in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, which is due out on 3rd December.

The tutorial video illustrates the concept - appending tags, which have magic camera, speed, sound and other-altering properties, to a timeline for each clip - and if you still don't get it after checking out the embed below you can always read our Grand Theft Auto IV PC hands-on preview.

Pretty soon you will even be able to bask in our own videos made using the editor, as Rockstar is holding an online event where different websites compete to make the best video, promising to donate a substantial sum to the charity of the winner's choice. Bad luck to whoever we nominated.

In the meantime, you can check out the first run of video editor videos or indeed the second set to get a better idea of what can be achieved with Rockstar's tool.

Or see below for the embedded tutorial and two more of the developer's own efforts.

Video Editor Tutorial

This one demonstrates how to use the video editor, telling you which buttons to press, showing you the tag system, previewing a few of the effects, and showing you how to render it out once you've dabbled with music and mashed up a few of your favourite saved sequences.

Get Sprunk

A man with a singular devotion to soft drinks is a man after our heart, and this video is what that is about, obviously - complete with ragdoll explosions and all sorts of whippy camera effects designed to remind you that it was made with a video editor you can use as well. Have you got that part yet? We expect so.

Super Niko

Our third video editor video for today (but probably not for forever given how many we've had lately) once again uses our friend the editor to turn a random story of violence on the streets of Liberty City into something more amusing - in this case a tale of rocket-jumping and bike-flipping. Capturing all this is the easy part; getting it to look like this with the editor will be the interesting bit.

Find out how easy that is to do, and what we make of the PC conversion in general, in our review of Grand Theft Auto IV on the PC, which should be up very early next week.

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