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More from the GTA IV PC video editor

Burgatory and Comrades embedded.

Following on from the success of the last round of shorts created with the Grand Theft Auto IV PC video editor, Rockstar has sent forth another couple of its custom creations.

As you undoubtedly know by now, the PC release of GTA IV allows you to capture 30-40 seconds of footage at the touch of a button and then load up an editing suite to turn it into your own mini opus.

Thanks to a system of tags appended to the timeline for each vid, you can change camera angles and movements, add filters, mess with the text, music and speech, adjust the speed of playback and more.

When we went to Rockstar to check it out the other day, we were able to transform a minor skirmish on the streets of Algonquin into an epic tale of love, loss and explosions to rival anything Michael Mann's ever done. It's a shame you'll never get to see the video we made, obviously.

Still, we can at least show you the two latest efforts from Rockstar Toronto now that we've rambled for enough paragraphs to get the in-article video window embed to clear the bottom of the monstrous box the tech team plunges into the right side of all of our PC posts. Not that we're bitter or anything.

Oh, and the full game's due out on 3rd December, which is a Wednesday. Those crazy kids!


Last time we were able to marvel at the sound, but this won't be the case today because we're sans headphones. Fortunately we can remark upon the visuals in Burgatory, in which a young man perishes and discovers that he's trapped in a Burger Shot. As with a number of the vids from earlier this week, the editing is ingenious. You forget you're watching a video you could make yourself.


Poor old Rockstar Toronto. Having seen the editor ourselves, we can appreciate the attention to detail in this one, and the many man-hours it must have cost, as numerous clips are delicately reappointed and spun together elaborately to tell a tale of elbows through glass, high-speed car chases and shouting.

Anyway, there's no question the results are cool, but you'll also be able to find out what we make of the video editor as a tool when you read our GTA IV PC review closer to its 3rd December release.

In the meantime, check out our recent GTA IV PC hands-on to tide you over and learn more about the editor and what else has gone into the port.