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Traffic light age ratings for spring 2009

Europe on-board, but UK undecided.

PEGI plans to launch the traffic light age rating system across mainland Europe this spring.

The symbols for the boxes are still to be finalised, but will put an end to the confusing spider, fist, syringe and other images currently used by PEGI.

Furthermore, the age ratings will be coloured to catch the eye, rather than displayed in dull black and white.

Whether this system will be used in the UK is still up in the air, and will not be decided until Gordon Brown and gang finish the investigation kick-started by the Byron Review.

"Whether they will appear on boxes in the UK will depend on the outcome of this consultation period and the decision made by the UK government in the new year," Michael Rawlinson, top dog at ELSPA, told GamesIndustry.biz.

Of course, the UK age-ratings turf is presided over by the BBFC, which has been publicly attacked by PEGI and ELSPA for being incompetent in the videogame field.

All three have prepared and submitted evidence for the government to chew over, although no time frame has been given for the final result.