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Champions and Star Trek MMOs for PS3?

Cryptic looking for coder to port engine.

MMO developer Cryptic studios is advertising for a PS3 programmer, suggesting it's looking to port its in-development Star Trek Online and Champions Online to the console.

"We have developed a flexible, cutting edge MMO platform to power games like Champions and Star Trek Online," reads the job ad.

"It runs on PC and Xbox 360 - now we want to support PS3 too."

Champions Online is a cel-shaded superhero MMO from the genre's originators - Cryptic developed the original, City of Heroes, for NCsoft, as well as the canned Marvel Universe Online for Microsoft.

Champions has been confirmed for release next year on PC and 360. Diablo legend Bill Roper's working on it now. You can find full details, including a hands-on preview, on our Champions Online gamepage.

You'll have to wait a year or two longer to get your hands on Star Trek Online, which was announced this summer for "PC and console".

The game will allow you to command Klingon and Federation starships staffed with NPCs, explore space, engage in ship or hand-to-hand combat, and beam down to planet surfaces in parties of friends. Once again, shots, video and detail-packed news are over on the Star Trek Online gamepage.