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Video games often aim to take you away from the real world, but sometimes developers include something that breaks the fantasy and reminds you that there is life outside the monitor. From the humorous to the incredibly touching, I take a look at a few examples of games that bring you back to reality.

Star Trek Online nude patch accidentally outed by virtual peeping tom

Star Trek Online nude patch accidentally outed by virtual peeping tom

Voyeur-ger caught selling outlawed patch to others.

An enterprising Star Trek Online cadet has accidentally outed himself using an outlawed nude patch for the freemium MMO, which he is also offering for sale to others.

The slip-up occured as the culprit, a user named SkybuckFlying, shared a directory of legitimate in-game screencaps on the official Star Trek Online forum (thanks, NeoGAF).

But another folder in the same directory held something else entirely.

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Star Trek Online free-to-play launch date

Star Trek Online free-to-play launch date

Subscribers to get monthly pocket money.

Sci-fi MMO Star Trek Online launches as a free-to-play game on 17th January 2012, developer Cryptic Studios has announced.

Players can still choose to subscribe, however. Gold members get a monthly 400 Cryptic Point deposit in their accounts.

Starting 1st December, that currency will arrive each month on the player's "anniversary day" of joining.

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Star Trek Online free-to-play details

Star Trek Online free-to-play details

Subscription option remains open.

Star Trek Online will go free-to-play before the end of 2011, developer Cryptic Studios has announced.

Confirming reports that surfaced last week, the MMO will still offer a standard subscription model but players will now be able to jump in without opening their wallets.

While free-to-play users enjoy the same level cap as subscribers and can access all of the game's sectors and missions, they'll have two character slots rather than three, a smaller inventory and credit storage limit.

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Cryptic Studios props up Atari figures

Encourages publisher to move focus online.

A bumper year for Cryptic Studios – the MMO specialists behind Star Trek Online and Champions Online – has encouraged owner Atari to shift its focus to the online market.

Will Star Trek Online go free-to-play?

Will Champions get user-generated content?

If you want Star Trek Online to be free-to-play then you had better jolly well say so, Cryptic boss Jack Emmert has told Eurogamer, because right now that decision hangs in the balance.

Make own Star Trek Online missions

Cryptic's MMO revamp idea two.

Cryptic Studios is trying new things to bolster the popularity of MMOs Star Trek Online and Champions Online. Its newest invention? Player-made missions. And Star Trek Online will integrate them first.

Neverwinter Wonders

A chat with Cryptic's Jack Emmert.

Champions Online and Star Trek Online didn't cut the mustard. Atari and Cryptic may tout "solid" subscriber bases - and the games themselves may have them - but STO and Champions underwhelmed. We know it, you know it, Cryptic knows it.

Busy Cryptic won't forget STO, Champions

They "chug along", says Jack Emmert.

Cryptic has assured Eurogamer that Champions Online and Star Trek Online are "very solid" and won't be left to rot while the studio concentrates on making new game Neverwinter - not to mention the "several" other projects in development there.

Cryptic has "several other projects"

Besides Star Trek, Champions, Neverwinter.

There are yet more projects underway at Cryptic Studios besides Star Trek Online, Champions Online and Neverwinter, Jack Emmert has revealed to Eurogamer.

Cryptic: we must improve for Neverwinter

Boss admits STO, Champions lacked polish.

Cryptic Studios boss Jack Emmert has admitted the company needs to "dramatically" improve the quality of its output for its new multiplayer RPG, Neverwinter, announced yesterday.

Star Trek Online moves into Season Two

New level cap, game price slashed to $20.

Atari and Cryptic have launched Season Two of their space MMO Star Trek Online, and cut the price of the retail game to $19.99.

Star Trek Online plans new faction, UGC

Diplomacy, minigames, raised level cap, more.

Star Trek Online executive producer Craig Zinkievich has laid out update plans for the immediate future of the space MMO, and they include minigames, diplomacy gameplay, a raised level cap, ship interiors, weekly content, a new faction and user-generated content.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Ready steady Kirk.

It's a big night. The Eurogamer Star Alliance, our very own forum guild for Star Trek Online, has made a date to assemble and enter a Fleet Action, one of the game's repeatable large-scale space battles, en masse. We meet at Earth Spacedock and assemble our flotilla of cruisers, escorts and science vessels in picturesque orbit over the Mediterranean. We warp out in splendid unison and charge majestically across sector space to Starbase 24. We warp in... and cross our fingers, close our eyes and hope for the best.

Most of us make it. Others are stranded in another instance of the same location. We couldn't form a group large enough to take us all in, but even some of the small five-player groups have been split. There's a moment of frantic chatter as we try and organise ourselves into the same fragment of space-time, but it's too late, the Klingons are here, and we surrender to our own individual pockets of pinwheeling, phaser-strobed mayhem.

This isn't at all atypical for Star Trek Online. The space MMO itself has warped in unprepared, jury-rigged, piecemeal and scatterbrained. It's a jumble of broken-up content, inconsistent rules and half-finished systems that does a great job of throwing players together but a terrible job of keeping them together, a game where you never really know what's going to be on the end of your next warp (although it will probably involve blowing stuff up). I'm not quite sure that's what Gene Roddenberry would have meant by the wonder and mystery of space exploration.

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Star Trek live interview update

Star Trek live interview update

Apologies for the no-show.

Update #2: Cryptic has been in touch with the following message: "On behalf of Cryptic Studios we would like to apologise for missing today's scheduled live interview with Eurogamer and their readers to discuss about the launch of our new sci-fi MMO Star Trek Online. There was an unfortunate mix up with the scheduling of the interview on our part which meant that we were not able to join the interview and answer your questions. We would like this opportunity to say a big sorry to your disappointed readership and the editorial team over at Eurogamer." Thanks also to Craig for replying in the comments.

Update: I'm very sorry to say that Craig hasn't turned up, so we're not going to be able to do the interview after all. We've asked Cryptic for an explanation which we will post here as soon as it is provided, but at the moment one is not forthcoming. Needless to say we're very sorry for wasting your time and can only apologise for the inconvenience.

Tom BramwellEditor,

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Cryptic selling playable races in STO

Klingons and Ferengi available at launch.

Cryptic is offering content via micro-transactions right from launch day with Star Trek Online, with two playable races now available from the Cryptic store (via Massively).

Star Trek Online update plans outlined

Star Trek Online update plans outlined

Live servers open today.

With the Star Trek Online servers opening for pre-ordering players today, and the game's official launch next week, Cryptic has detailed its plans for the space MMO in its first two months.

The launch-day patch is relatively small - a major update was made a week ago, just before the end of open beta - but Cryptic is already planning the first major content update for the game.

"We're already working on it and it’ll be out before you know it," producer Craig Zinkievich said in his recent state of the game post. More player-versus-player options, exploration missions for the Klingon factions, more ground-based "fleet actions" (Star Trek Online's equivalent of large-scale public quests), extended ship customisation and extra playable species are promised.

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Euro Star Trek Online open beta begins

Euro Star Trek Online open beta begins

Be quick, space is limited.

The European Star Trek Online beta has officially begun.

You can claim a entry key either by pre-ordering the MMO or by visiting one of the various sites handing them out. There's a list on the STO website.

The Star Trek Online beta closes on 26th January, but should provide Cryptic with ample community data to begin formulating patches.

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Star Trek Online

Report from the beta quadrant.

It's amazing how far Star Trek Online gets just by having the right sound effects. The high-pitched warble of scanners and transponders, the hiss of phasers, the shimmering harmonics of the transporter: these sounds beam you directly to a universe which, you find, you already know by heart. It works even if you're not a particularly big fan, Gene Roddenberry's benign science-fiction now being so ubiquitous that everyone has absorbed it by a kind of cultural osmosis, whether they wanted to or not.

Star Trek Online open beta dated

Star Trek Online open beta dated

We're all Kirk-a-hoop.

Cryptic has announced that Star Trek Online will be in open beta from 12th to 26th January next year.

Keys will be distributed on a first come, first served basis on If you really can't wait until then, you can still apply for a closed beta spot. The closed beta is currently underway.

The MMO launches on PC on 2nd February in North America and 5th February in Europe. There's a ton more to read on our Star Trek Online gamepage.

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Star Trek Online system specs revealed

Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 2 dilithium crystals.

Cryptic has revealed the minimum and recommended system requirements for its space-faring MMO Star Trek Online, which launches in February.

Star Trek Online out in February

Cryptic has its Kirk and eats it.

Cryptic and Atari have confirmed that their MMO Star Trek Online will be released for PC on 2nd February 2010 in North America, and 5th February in Europe.

Star Trek Online

Let them eat Kirk.

Trekkies can put one fear to rest right now: Star Trek Online feels just like Star Trek. From the 10-minute demo available on the Eurogamer Expo show floor, it's difficult to learn all that much about the mechanics and structure of this licensed MMO (you can read more about these in our recent preview and interview). But it's immediately apparent that developer Cryptic has nailed the unmistakable flavour of faintly cheesy, high-minded, planet-hopping science-fiction with a straight face and a glint in its eye - with an equal love of politics, philosophy and punch-ups.

Star Trek Online beams down to Expo

Space and planet gameplay on offer.

Hey there. How are you feeling? Smug, fulfilled, expectant? Or listless and utterly hollow with despair? We warned you that Eurogamer Expo tickets would sell out, and they almost have. No amount of pleading emails will change it, tickets are gone for three of the four dates, with only Wednesday the 28th of October in Leeds available. We are very nearly full.

Sony, MS don't understand console MMOs

Cryptic says business side to blame.

Star Trek Online captain Craig Zinkievich has explained that the MMO is delayed on console because of "the business side of things". The game itself, he said, already runs on the machines.

Star Trek Online

Executive producer Craig Zinkievich makes it so.

Cryptic's been developing its Star Trek MMO somewhat quietly while superhero stablemate Champions Online stole the limelight. It was only at gamescom back in August that we got our first proper look at the game, and very illuminating it was too. Now that Champions is out in the wild, though, Cryptic is ready to start dishing the dirt in detail on a game that could be out sooner than you think. We called up executive producer Craig Zinkievich to talk Klingons, betas, consoles, random content generation and finding people in chests. Or something.

STO Klingons require unlocking - Cryptic

Joined by Romulans, Cardassians later.

Cryptic Studios has told Eurogamer that the playable Klingon faction in Star Trek Online will be locked initially, but once open, offer a very different style of advancement to the Federation.

Star Trek Online outfit free with Blu-rays

Admiral uniform with Star Trek season 3.

TV Shows on DVD reports that the next re-release of the original Star Trek TV series on Blu-Ray will include bonus content for Cryptic's forthcoming MMO, Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online is the stuff of dreams: not only for fans of the series who've dreamed of piloting their own starship since they were six, all tucked up tight in their Next Generation bedsheets, but for the developers at Cryptic. Star Trek presents them with a massive ready-made fan-base which will probably be willing to play the game for a few months regardless of how they treats the license. But there's no laziness or complacency evident here; Cryptic is creating a flexible yet faithful interpretation of the Star Trek universe that stands a good chance of living up to even the unrealistic expectations of the faithful.

Champions Online 360 this year - Atari

Star Trek Online by March 2010.

Atari's latest financial results reveal that the publisher expects to release the Xbox 360 version of Cryptic's superhero MMO Champions Online this year, and follow it up with Star Trek Online before the end of March 2010.

Champions and Star Trek MMOs for PS3?

Cryptic looking for coder to port engine.

MMO developer Cryptic studios is advertising for a PS3 programmer, suggesting it's looking to port its in-development Star Trek Online and Champions Online to the console.

New details on Star Trek Online combat

New details on Star Trek Online combat

Direct ship control, Vulcan nerve pinch is in.

In the latest edition of Ask Cryptic, the MMO developer has let slip a few more details on how combat will work in Star Trek Online.

In terms of ship combat, the developer has confirmed that it won't be a point-and-click system like EVE Online's. You'll have direct control of your ship's movements, perhaps more like Pirates of the Burning Sea's excellent naval combat.

"A large portion of starship combat in Star Trek Online is tactical - manoeuvring your ship into position so you protect your vital systems as you attack your opponent's weakest side. You need to be in control of your ship in order for that to work well and be fun," said the developer.

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New details emerge of Star Trek Online

New details emerge of Star Trek Online

You'll be able to customise loads of stuff.

New details of forthcoming MMO Star Trek Online have popped up on the official website.

According to a Q&A with developer Cryptic, you will see ships just like the Enterprise, Defiant and Voyager - or Cruisers, Escorts and Science Vessels, as they're known.

"More details on the exact roles and differences are coming soon, but for now, suffice it to say that the ship roles are a combination of naval combat and traditional MMO gameplay," the Q&A reads.

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Spock to unveil Star Trek Online

Leonard Nimoy mind-melds with Cryptic.

MMO developer Cryptic has announced that legendary Star Trek actor, film director, singer and poet Leonard Nimoy will be the special guest at its official unveiling of Star Trek Online this weekend.

Star Trek Online for PC and console

You have the helm, Mr Cryptic.

The worst-kept secret in massively multiplayer gaming has been outed: the troubled Star Trek Online project has been saved from oblivion and is in development with City of Heroes creator Cryptic Studios.

Cryptic Studios to announce new MMO

Cryptic Studios to announce new MMO

July reveal expected to be Star Trek Online.

A countdown timer has appeared on the official Cryptic Studios website in the 'games' section, pointing to a new game announcement from the MMO specialists on the 27th July.

Cryptic was the original developer of superhero MMO City of Heroes, and is now working on the rival Champions Online. It is heavily rumoured to be the "Bay Area developer" that picked up the Star Trek Online project from Perpetual Entertainment when that studio went into liquidation early this year.

The countdown timer features a space graphic that clearly suggests a science fiction project, and some commentators claim to recognise it as early concept art produced by Perpetual for Star Trek Online.

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Perpetual cans Gods & Heroes

Focusing on Star Trek Online.

Perpetual Entertainment has stopped work on massively-multiplayer online game Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, and the project is now on "indefinite hold".

Star Trek MMORPG in development

But you'll need a wormhole to 2007 to play it now.

Online game developer Perpetual Entertainment, founded by Electronic Arts veterans Joe Keene and Chris McKibbin, has signed a deal with Viacom to produce a massively multiplayer Star Trek game - under the working title Star Trek Online - spanning all five TV series and 10 movies in the long-running sci-fi franchise.