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Cryptic has "several other projects"

Besides Star Trek, Champions, Neverwinter.

There are yet more projects underway at Cryptic Studios besides Star Trek Online, Champions Online and Neverwinter, Jack Emmert has revealed to Eurogamer.

"We've got plenty of other games under wraps," Emmert, the boss, told us.

"That's kind of cool - you can at least say I let slip that I have other projects underway; I have several other projects here at Crytpic."

Several? "Yeah," he reaffirmed. "These other projects have been underway for quite some time."

The news that Cryptic's got "several" unnanounced games on the go is sure to surprise fans of the Atari-owned developer.

It's currently busy keeping Star Trek Online and Champions Online ticking over and is developing recently announced new PC project Neverwinter.

Neverwinter is positioned as a follow-up to BioWare's Neverwinter Nights but won't be what Cryptic usually turns out: an MMO. Instead, Emmert's studio has decided to make multiplayer online games, albeit those with fees, MMO-style update models and persistent worlds. The difference is negligible at first glance.

Neverwinter will also be different in terms of quality, after the lacklustre performances of Star Trek Online and Champions Online. But, realised Emmert, "You're only as good as your last game."