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It's Year of the Klingon in Star Trek Online

Klinging on.

It's Year of the Klingon in Star Trek Online and to celebrate, developer Arc Games has revealed details of a "major, multipart, 2411-focused Klingon storyline".

"Over the rest of 2020, and part of 2021, we're going to be putting on a major, multipart, 2411-focused Klingon storyline," reads a recent update on the game's official website (thanks, Comic Book). "We can't release the details on what that is just yet (although it's a fair bet that J'Ula and her time travelling cohorts are involved), but as part of this long-planned, face-of-the-game changing story, we're taking a little time to focus on our most honorable allies.

"We love our Klingon content - who doesn't love a story that involves descending into Grethor and fighting a god? - but a lot of it is old, and doesn't contain the technical improvements we've made to the game over the years," the developers add. "So we're spending time and resources to give these pieces of content visual and gameplay facelifts.

"Over the next twelve months (maybe more), you'll see new Klingon character models for some of our classic characters like J'Mpok, updated skins for the classic Klingon ships like the Bird of Prey, new environments and cutscenes to refresh this old but beloved content."

The celebrations kick off with "#StovokorSaturdays" - which sees the devs debut a new piece of updated Klingon content on their Twitter and Facebook pages - including peeks at ships, environments, teasing "you'll never know what it is until you see it".

There'll also be artist streams so fans can watch some of the games' artists "show off their work as they make it" and ten Forward Weekly interviews which will bring colleagues from different teams - Environment, Content, Cutscene and more - in for interviews on the weekly community stream every Wednesday.

Star Trek Online is free to play and out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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