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Star Trek Online nude patch accidentally outed by virtual peeping tom

Voyeur-ger caught selling outlawed patch to others.

An enterprising Star Trek Online cadet has accidentally outed himself using an outlawed nude patch for the freemium MMO, which he is also offering for sale to others.

The slip-up occured as the culprit, a user named SkybuckFlying, shared a directory of legitimate in-game screencaps on the official Star Trek Online forum (thanks, NeoGAF).

The add-on leaves nothing to the imagination.

But another folder in the same directory held something else entirely.

"Why don't you tell us why you have a folder full of pics of various players you took using a nude mod, probably without their knowledge?" another user posted upon discovering the pictures.

"Incidentially I took a screenshot of the directory and also mirrored the entire thing, so don't bother trying to remove or hide it. Also, that ad for the ingame nude patch is reeeeally classy."

The unnofficial add-on shows female players in various states of undress. Another user noted the patch involved modifying the game client, something that breaches the game's Terms of Service agreement.

SkybuckFlying's NSFW images, as well as those on the mirror version, remain. The server also contains a text file advertising the patch, which players can buy for one million in-game energy credits.

The user has not returned to the forum to defend himself from the claims.

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