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Gears of War 2 review at 2pm GMT

Epic heart-in-mouth time.

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As you may have heard, Microsoft is set to lift the embargo on Gears of War 2 reviews today at 2pm GMT, and we'll be ready with ours.

Developer Epic's second instalment in the third-person cover-based shooter series is due out this Friday, 7th November, and did well enough last week to make it into your Eurogamer Expo Top 10 at 8.

"8" has some significance for Gears, of course, as it was the score that Kristan gave it in our Gears of War review almost exactly two years ago.

So, has Epic done enough to push it a mark or two higher? Or has it gone backwards? Feel free to loiter on the Gears of War 2 gamepage for the next few hours until you can find out.

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