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Gears of War creator Epic Games announces a new game


Remember when Epic Games flew the Xbox 360 flag with Gears of War? Those were the days. Now we get Paragon (open beta), a not-bad MOBA; Fortnite (alpha), a base-building survival game in development for six years now; and a new, somewhat openly developed Unreal Tournament (pre-alpha).

Oh, and one other game, just announced: Battle Breakers. A turn-based tactical role-playing game for mobiles and PC, with cross-platform play.

Battle Breakers looks like typical mobile fare, with your team's heroes stood on hex grids on your side, facing off against enemies standing on hex grids on their side. There's an anime style and tone to the whole thing, with loud noises and flashy abilities. Do I sound old yet?

Cover image for YouTube videoBattle Breakers Gameplay Android / iOS

Battle Breakers has soft-launched in the Philippines, on the off chance you're there, and is coming out here on PC, iOS and Android later this year.

Epic Games began to change in 2012 when Chinese company Tencent bought a huge stake in the company, allowing it to nominate people to the board. Epic president Mike Capps, lead designer Cliff Bleszinski, and director of production Rod Fergusson all left the company later that year. In 2014, the Gears of War IP was sold to Microsoft.