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NinjaBee making A Kingdom for Keflings

XBLA specialist notches up another.

NinjaBee has whipped the wrappers off yet another Xbox Live Arcade outing called A Kingdom for Keflings.

Keflings are short and happy "beings", apparently, that like working hard by building cities. While actual hard fact on the upcoming game is scarce, this suggests a strategy affair with a healthy dose of fun and laughs.

NinjaBee focuses on bite-sized games for Live Arcade (and PC), and is responsible for acclaimed titles Outpost Kaloki X, Cloning Clyde and Band of Bugs.

Its track record suggests A Kingdom for Keflings will be worth keeping an eye on, even if studio boss Steve Taylor has gone mad.

"I'll be honest here, I went out to my car and ten of the little guys were wandering around, bumping into each other and wearing little sandwich boards reading 'Will Work for Hats'," said Taylor, hopefully talking about Keflings.

"We couldn't put them out on the streets after they worked so hard on our game, so we hired them to help around the office. They follow directions to the letter and are very friendly, but not too smart. The way I see it, what could go wrong?"

Well, murder, for starters.