Outpost Kaloki X

Live Arcade compilation

Out on Sept 15th in the UK.

There are two stories here. One is that Microsoft is releasing a compilation of six full Xbox Live Arcade titles on disc, and that you'll be able to get your hands on it here in the UK on September 15th. It should go for 24.99, although we've seen it listed at 19.99, so hunt around.

Outpost Kaloki X

Outpost Kaloki X

Well, reviews take a while to build too.

I'm looking at the release date on this. It says "November 22nd, 2005". Fortunately this is a game about balancing the needs of trade-hungry space-everymen against power consumption, and trying to squeeze out as much value as you can when you can - a soon-reached conclusion being that sometimes it's better to wait until the timing's on your side.

Although sometimes you do just forget, obviously.

Even nestling in the varied bounty of Xbox Live Arcade, Outpost Kaloki X stands out a light-year away. It's a simple empire-building game, effectively, where you take control of a succession of quirky trading outposts in space and build up a range of expansions - shops, labs and entertainment attractions for the most part - while trying to fulfil varied objectives.

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