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Claymation brawler for XBLA, PC

Rednecks take on aliens in 2009.

British developer Tuna Technologies has unveiled a side-scrolling platform brawler called Cletus Clay for Xbox Live Arcade and PC.

Due out next year, the most striking feature is a clay-modelled and animated world based on a concept by Anthony Flack, who likes that sort of thing.

Players take the role of Cletus, a redneck, who finds laser-toting aliens trespassing on his lands. Cue a pitchfork rampage, sheep rescues, hijacked flying saucers and even some co-operative gameplay to top it all off.

There will be 12 stages to run-and-gun through, plus all sorts of mini-game distractions and an impressive arsenal to work with.

Pop over to our Cletus Clay gallery for a mock-up of how the game should turn out.

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