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Dead Rising sequels likely

"For years to come".

Capcom's Mark Beaumont has said that the company will produce Dead Rising games "for years to come".

The original game, an Xbox 360 exclusive, has shipped over one million copies worldwide as of 31st December 2006.

Speaking exclusively to our sister site, Beaumont attributed some of the game's success to punters' willingness "to take more of an experiment in what games they'll try" at the start of a hardware cycle.

Others would probably point to the 360's shortfall in first-party titles along the back straight of 2006, and the game's superb critical reception.

"Bringing out Dead Rising has allowed us to establish a new franchise that we can use for years to come," Beaumont added, which ought to give those Resident Evil slackers something to think about. Come on, what's happening with number five?