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Fable II soundtrack for release

"Bowerstone Market" to delight.

Microsoft and Sumthing Else Music Works are going to release the Fable II soundtrack on 25th November, both in shops and on iTunes.

The score, so important to the lengthy fairytale RPG, is the result of over 90 musicians' hard work, including the national symphony orchestra of Slovakia. This impresses us. Continue. Oh I appear to be talking to myself.

Hollywood music man Danny Elfman (Spider-Man, The Simpsons, Big Fish) composed the theme, while Lionhead familiar Russell Shaw filled in the rest. You can watch them in action over on Eurogamer TV, if you like.

"We had a lot of music to record, covering many different styles including chamber, Celtic, classic, quirky, pure pizzicato, atmospheric and dramatic," said Russell Shaw.

"Scripted moments have orchestral cues relevant to what is happening at that point in the story - sad, dramatic, mysterious, tension and danger. The final result is a very rich, Hollywood style score covering many genres."

The full track listing follows:

  1. "Fable Theme" - Russell Shaw (Music Box Theme - Danny Elfman)
  2. "Old Town" - Russell Shaw
  3. "Bowerstone Cemetery" - Russell Shaw
  4. "Bowerlake" - Russell Shaw
  5. "Wraithmarsh" - Russell Shaw (Music Box Theme - Danny Elfman)
  6. "Fairfax Castle" - Russell Shaw
  7. "Westcliff" - Russell Shaw
  8. "Oakfield" - Russell Shaw
  9. "Bowerstone Market" - Russell Shaw
  10. "Shadow of Evil" - Russell Shaw
  11. "Howling Halls" - Russell Shaw
  12. "Marcus Memorial" - Russell Shaw

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