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inFamous length "still to be determined"

Sucker Punch still hard at it.

Sucker Punch hasn't worked out how long its openworld superhero game inFamous will eventually be despite (admittedly jokey) reports to the contrary stemming from our live interview with Nate Fox last week.

Poor old Fox had simply been answering a handsome question from a handsome person about whether long games were sustainable in the current climate of rising dev costs and falling share prices, and he said - citing GTA IV and God of War - that "it seems to me that it's not about length, but about quality", going on to add that inFamous will place the highest value on quality, obviously.

This led to suggestions around about the internet that inFamous might not be very long, but speaking to Eurogamer today publisher Sony refuted this. "inFamous is still in development at Sucker Punch," it said, "and the game's length is still to be determined."

The full game is due out next spring, and you can read more about how it's shaping up in the transcript of our live interview with creative director Nate Fox. Although try to then avoid going on forums and claiming it's going to be full of child-abusing marsupials or something. Goodness.

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