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Sucker Punch doing InFamous sequel?

Actor lets cat out of bag via Twitter.

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Rumours are swirling that a sequel to PS3 exclusive InFamous is on the way.

It's all thanks to actor David Sullivan, who posted the following message on his Twitter page: "First voiceover / motion capture audition today for a videogame. Re-casting of Cole in the sequel of Infamous. 'I'll melt your face.' e.g."

At least, G4 says that's what he posted - the message has since mysteriously disappeared.

However, he has issued a response to a question about whether there is indeed a sequel on the way: "Not really sure. Would be very cool if there was and I was a part of it."

His latest post reads, "Thank you all for your interest and your support. I will continue to keep you updated on things I book which are, in no way, private." Whoopsie.

Sony has so far declined to comment on the whole thing, unshockingly.

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