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Portuguese magazine teases inFamous 2

Through staring eyes of Cole McGrath.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

PlayStation 3-exclusive inFamous 2 is set to be unveiled shortly, judging by a teaser from the Portuguese Official PlayStation Magazine.

The page advertising the next issue (thanks Scrawl) shows the eyes of the first game's protagonist Cole McGrath above text promising the announcement of "a great PlayStation 3 exclusive" in the forthcoming edition.

Sony has yet to officially confirm inFamous 2, but it has registered the domains and there have been whispers since last year when a voice actor claimed to have auditioned for a part.

The original inFamous was developed by Sly Raccoon studio Sucker Punch and told the story of electrically-superpowered Cole and his good-or-evil approach to sorting things out in the quarantined, post-apocalyptic Empire City.

Check out our inFamous review for more details.

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