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Sony registers inFamous 2 domain

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Sony has registered domain names for inFamous 2 by the looks of it.

That's according to the ever-vigilant superannuation, which has gone mad for the WHOIS database lately, outing THQ and Ubisoft registrations for Red Faction, Assassin's Creed and Driver in recent days.

Sony told Eurogamer it had no comment to make on the registration.

The platform holder has not officially announced a sequel to last year's PS3 openworld superhero game inFamous, but late last year G4TV caught wind of an actor mentioning an audition for the part of Cole McGrath.

The original inFamous saw Cole coming to terms with his electrical superpowers in a city torn apart by an apocalyptic event. We rather liked it, although it had its problems too. Check out our inFamous review.

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