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Dead Kennedys tracks hit Rock Band

Unleash your inner punk.

The Dead Kennedys are the latest popular beat combo to get their sparkling pop songs in the 360 version of Rock Band.

Dance floor favourites such as 'California Uber Alles', 'Police Truck' and 'Holiday in Cambodia' have been made available at 160 (GBP 1.36/ EUR 1.92) Microsoft Points a pop - or 440 points (GBP 3.74/ EUR 5.28 ) for all three.

Elsewhere, Mission of Burma tracks 'Mica', 'That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate' and 'That's When I Reach For My Revolver' are now available, also at 160 each or 440 for the trio.

In addition, you can also grab 'Forever' by In This Moment, along with 'Closer' and 'Swamped' by Lacuna Coil, or all three in the 'Century Media Girls of Metal' pack, again, 160 each or 440 for the pack.

And finally, pop pickers, Crooked X's 'Gone' is also available for download for 80 points.

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