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Western Resi 5 demos unlikely for 2008

Japanese sampler for December.

Capcom has said the West will have to wait longer than 5th December for a demo of Resident Evil 5.

Japan, however, will be given a sampler of the survival-horror game that day, according to the official Capcom blog.

Also, Resident Evil 5 has been shambling along so well in Japan that the release has been pushed forward to 5th March 2009. But again, no such luck in the West, where the date remains Friday 13th March, 2009.

Most of you should by now know that regional PlayStation Network accounts - Japanese, European, American - can be faked. Just put on a funny accent. You can't say that.

Lie about where you live and a Japanese 5th December Resident Evil 5 demo should pose no problems, apart from dialect. But a small price to pay.

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