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Sony defends 14m PSN users figure

Doesn't count PSP and PS3 separately.

Sony has said that the "14 million active accounts" on PlayStation Network includes PSP and PS3 owners, but added that one person using the same login for both is still treated as a single account.

The platform holder was clarifying a US PlayStation Blog post in which representative John Koller mentioned 14 million active accounts - just weeks after Microsoft claimed Xbox Live had hit the same number.

"Seeing as PlayStation Portable does include PlayStation Network services (i.e. games store natively on PSP), yes those numbers do include all PlayStation Network registrations," Sony told GameSpot, before adding that one login for both systems is treated as one account.

While the unnamed spokesperson went on to say that a higher percentage of PS3 owners were logging on, we weren't told whether the 14 million number includes duplicate accounts (e.g. separate US and UK accounts on a PAL console).

Mind you, we've had about seven Xbox Live accounts, so who's counting?