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Active PSN accounts total 14 million

Plus: PS3 sales on the up, says Sony.

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Sony exec John Koller says 14 million people now have active PlayStation Network accounts.

Posting on the US PlayStation blog, Koller said PS3 owners have downloaded 273 million pieces of content. Not each, obviously.

Koller was writing to wish the PS3 a happy birthday, as it's been two years since the system launched in North America. Apparently "there are nearly 17 million PS3 systems around the world" now.

In the US, said Koller, PS3 hardware sales are up "nearly 100 per cent" compared to this time last year, while software sales have tripled.

"Yes, we're proud about everything we've accomplished," he wrote, adding that the company is "psyched" about this year's "holiday software line-up". Watch them wreck the mic.

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