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Halo 3 Recon only 3-5 hours long

But price will reflect this, says Bungie.

The standalone expansion Halo 3 Recon may only be three-to-five hours long.

To offset this, Bungie will offer the game at a cut-down price, according to snippets from the upcoming Game Informer December magazine (spotted by Kotaku).

Halo 3 Recon, which was unveiled in October during the Tokyo Game Show, acts as a precursor to Halo 3. It casts players as an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper piecing together events after the Covenant left Earth.

Bungie has previously told us that Recon will have plenty of replayability in the form of Achievements and four-player co-op, plus new multiplayer maps and perhaps modes.

Other than that, details have been scarce. But what we do know is cobbled together tenderly on our Halo 3 Recon gamepage.

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