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SWOS coming to PC

"Later in the year" says Codies.

90s Amiga classic Sensible World of Soccer is coming to the PC, Codemasters has confirmed.

With the download-only title already set for release on the 360 this summer via Xbox Live Arcade, Codies is also planning to release the title via Windows Live Arcade "later in the year".

But those running Windows XP systems will be out of luck - the game will only run on those with Windows Vista initially. Support for other operating systems is planned at a later date.

Die-hard fans of the top-down footy favourite will doubtlessly spontaneously combust at the news that the game will be a completely faithful port of Sensible's Amiga classic.

Speaking in an online Q&A, Codemasters' director of casual games Nick Pili said: "To produce the authentic SWOS experience we'll be using the original source code used in SWOS 96/97, so you can celebrate now!

"The core gameplay will be untouched, and therefore identical to that within the SWOS 96/97 game. In this version the user will be able to play two main modes of SWOS. Mode 1 will be the original Amiga game with enhanced graphics and enhanced game features. Mode 2 will be the actual original Amiga game from the mid 90s. Again we haven’t altered the game code in any way," he added. Hurrah to that.

Sounds effects and chants have apparently been "improved" though. Boo. Hopefully they'll give gamers the choice of playing the game with the original Amiga sound as well, for maximum nostalgia value.

More importantly, though, online play will feature, presumably also against those playing on Xbox Live. High score tables will also feature as standard.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed for the title, but we're banking on it being another 800 pointer, which will, frankly, be a bargain.

We're hoping to get an early hands-on soon, so check back in the near future for more on this essential title.