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Sensible World of Soccer, Grid and Fable Heroes hit Xbox One back compat


Microsoft has added a trio of UK-made games to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list.

Sensible World of Soccer, Grid Autosport and Fable Heroes are all available to play on Xbox One from today.

Sensible World of Soccer gets a timely Xbox One back compat release just as World Cup fever reaches epidemic proportions.

Sensible World of Soccer is the HD remake of Sensible Software's classic 90s football game (we gave the Xbox 360 version 8/10 back in 2008). Grid Autosport is Codemasters' 2014 racer Martin awarded 7/10. And Fable Heroes is a hack and slash Fable spin-off developed by Lionhead and released back in 2012. (Fable Heroes managed a 6/10 in Eurogamer's review.)

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