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GRID: Autosport patch adds "experimental" Oculus Rift support

Racing game GRID: Autosport will soon support the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

An upcoming patch, outlined on Steam, will add the support - although be warned, it's only experimental at this stage.

And as the support is experimental, there are some in-game options that may cause crashes if you try to change them, such as changing resolution and resizing the window.

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Codemasters unveils Grid Autosport DLC plan

Codemasters unveils Grid Autosport DLC plan

As 2.39 XP Boost Pack is released.

Codemasters has unveiled its plan for Grid Autosport downloadable content.

In a Codemasters blog post, community manager Ben Walke outlined the extra content that will be added to the racing game over the next few months.

Three car packs will be released: Best of British; Coupe Style; and Road & Track.

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VideoVideo: Grid Autosport live stream

Smash things up as we take to the demolition derby bowl.

Cars are great fun to drive, but they're even more fun to smash to smithereens. So Codemasters shouldn't be too upset to find out that, having gone to pains to improve the handling of its cars in Grid Autosport, all people want to do is drive them into each other.

UK chart: Sniper Elite 3 hits the mark

And Grid Autosport skids in.

The "rough diamond" Sniper Elite series makes the most of a quiet summer with new entry Sniper Elite 3 - "a solidly enjoyable mid-tier action game" - topping the UK video games chart.

Grid Autosport review

Grid Autosport review

Dummy grid.

Who knew a camera angle could cause so much consternation? When Grid 2 was first unveiled, the noise wasn't about Codemasters' bold decision to do away with driving assists, its introduction of point-to-point road races or its globe-trotting storyline; the focus, instead, was placed fierily on the lack of an in-car cockpit view.

That single omission tells you much of what you need to know about Grid 2, a game that never quite added as much as it took away, and one that left the long-standing Codemasters fans who had been waiting some five years for a sequel to the 2008 original feeling alienated. The cockpit camera is back for Grid Autosport, a quick-fire follow-up Grid 2, and its return tells you pretty much everything you need to know about where this new instalment is coming from.

When Grid Autosport was first revealed earlier this year it was somewhat cruelly dubbed Grid 2: We're Sorry Edition, and while I regret the snark there's perhaps no better way to describe the game's philosophy this time out. It's a comprehensive riposte to many of the slights felt by Codemasters' community and a return to the roots of what most agree is the studio's strongest suit. Grid Autosport places a hard and very much welcome emphasis on the racing.

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FeatureGrid Autosport is the Codemasters racing game you've been waiting for

More motorsport, more authenticity and more cockpit cam - a first look at Grid Autosport in action.

For Codemasters, it's been a funny couple of years. After a scintillating start to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generation with Dirt and Grid, two smart console distillations of the studio's automotive expertise, a more erratic rhythm has set in. A couple of superb Dirt sequels were followed up by the slightly less stellar Showdown, a quick-fire sequel whose knockabout racing couldn't quite sustain standalone status, while Grid 2 took a lunge for the mainstream that left many of Codemasters' more traditional fans wanting.

Codemasters announces Grid Autosport, cockpit cam returns

Codemasters announces Grid Autosport, cockpit cam returns

Motorsport-focused game coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this June.

Codemasters has announced Grid Autosport, a new standalone title that's coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 27th June - and a game that puts the emphasis firmly back on motorsport for the series.

Developed in Codemasters' main studio, Grid Autosport is a response to some of the feedback received after the release of Grid 2 last year, and an attempt to placate some of the series' traditional fans.

To that end there is now more authentic motorsport racing, with open-wheel cars ranging from F3 to IndyCar, tin-top action plus GT and endurance action as well as returning drift and supercar content. Like in the original Grid, the campaign is structured around the running of a team, with the player able to acquire sponsors and teammates as they work across five separate disciplines included in Grid Autosport.

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