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Grid Autosport PC HD texture pack is free DLC

Codemasters explains why.

Codemasters has made the HD texture pack for the PC version of racing game Grid Autosport its first piece of downloadable content.

The texture pack, which increases the visual fidelity of the liveries and car exteriors, will be available as soon as the game launches this Friday, community manager Ben Walke wrote on the Codemasters blog.

"We wanted to make the pack optional as the 4K textures included will be a small hit on your performance, so instead of bumping up the minimum specs for everyone we thought we'd leave the decision in your own hands," Walke explained.

Other DLC will be released post launch, as you'd expect. It comes in two flavours: car packs and mini expansions.

Car packs include new cars. Three of these are planned.

Three mini expansions are planned, each with a theme. Each mini expansion includes new locations, some have new cars and some have new game modes.

There will be a Season Pass for the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, but for some reason not the Xbox 360 version.

Meanwhile, Codemasters confirmed that leaderboards in Time Trial were pulled from the launch version of the game. But they will be added to the game soon after launch as part of a free update.

"We know how important Time Trial is to you and we share the same sentiment, it's incredibly important to us too which is why as you read this we're already hard at work preparing it for arrival," Walke said. "Expect updates on that soon after launch."

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