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GRID: Autosport patch adds "experimental" Oculus Rift support

New gear.

Racing game GRID: Autosport will soon support the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

An upcoming patch, outlined on Steam, will add the support - although be warned, it's only experimental at this stage.

And as the support is experimental, there are some in-game options that may cause crashes if you try to change them, such as changing resolution and resizing the window.

The menus do not run in VR mode, developer Codemasters added.

"We appreciate that our menus are difficult to use with VR, (they were never designed for it), so we only recommend enabling it when going into a race itself," community chap Ben Walke said.

"We strongly recommend running the game in the Ultra-Low graphics preset initially, particularly for DK2."

Codemasters outlined the steps you need to take to get the game working with Oculus Rift over at its blog.

Here's what you should know, according to Codemasters, before setting it up:

  • Framerate and resolution are two of the most important things for a good VR experience - only turn up other settings if you know your PC can handle it.
  • You will need a very good CPU and GPU to turn settings up much beyond the minimum.
  • A program like FRAPS is useful for ensuring you are hitting the desired 60fps for DK1, and 75fps for DK2. (Note that sometimes FRAPS shows a doubled-up fps in the Direct to HMD rendering mode.)