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SWOS pulled from Live Arcade

Codies working to fix bug.

Sensible World of Soccer was released on Xbox Live Arcade earlier - and then taken back down again after it became apparent it was horribly broken.

"It has come to our attention that an incorrect version of Sensible World of Soccer was made available on Xbox Live Arcade...which has since been taken down," Codemasters Online Gaming said this afternoon. "This version incorrectly disconnected users that attempted to connect to Xbox Live."

Oops. "We are currently investigating the issue and will have a correctly functioning version of Sensible World of Soccer available soon."

"Any users that have already downloaded Sensible World of Soccer will need to delete their copy of the game and download it again when the correctly functioning version is available in order to enjoy online play via Xbox Live. Following this process does not incur any additional charges.

"Please look out for the fully functional version of Sensible World of Soccer soon. We thank you for your patience."

So that's the statement. We'll let you know when the game's back up there. In the meantime, you could always play Tempest, which was the other Xbox Live Arcade release. Unless it blows up your 360 or something.

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