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Codies cagey on SWOS date

Announcement very soon.

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Codemasters Online Gaming remains cagey about the release date of Sensible World of Soccer.

Earlier this month producer Jim Brown told us the revamped retro classic would be out before the end of November. But when pushed today about whether this was still true, Codemasters Online could only offer than an announcement would be made in the coming days.

This could all be good news, of course, with the publisher keen to unveil its imminent release date to everyone at once. But we cannot help fearing the worst, like having an elephant trunk sloppily attached to our shoulder as we sleep.

Jim Brown told us everything was currently in Microsoft's hands, and SWOS simply had to clear the certification process before it could go on Live Arcade. However, we have seen this take a long time in the past - Jeff Minter and his troubled masterpiece Space Giraffe took weeks to clear.

We only speculate because we care, dear reader - Sensible Soccer was one of our (read: Kristan's) favourite memories ever. Pop over to our SWOS gamepage to see how it is shaping up.

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