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Wii will sell out by Xmas, says Gamestop

Guitar Hero, Wii Fit also in demand.

An executive from big American games shop Gamestop has said he reckons the Wii will sell out before Christmas.

Speaking in a conference call, chief financial officer David Carlson said Wii Fit and Guitar Hero: World Tour are very much in demand too.

"Wii Fit is in very, very short supply. It sells through as quickly as it hits the stores," he stated.

"And although the Wii hardware is in very good supply right now, we believe it may be well out of stock by the holiday season."

According to Carlson, music games aren't quite as popular as they were last Christmas - but the genre is still going strong.

"The overall category of the music genre is very healthy and we expect it to be popular throughout the holiday season but I think as everyone knows, it’s not as robust as it was last year," he observed.

"For example, the Guitar Hero band kit is selling extremely well and it is out of stock in many cases, particularly the Xbox and the Wii versions. But again we think it will moderate somewhat for the holiday but it will still be a very popular category for our consumers."

Carlson also placed his bets on what will be the biggest games of spring 2009 - Killzone 2, Halo Wars, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV and F.E.A.R. 2.