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101-game DS compilation this month

Flash game choppers, etc, with stylus?

New publisher Nordcurrent has announced that it will release 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix, a DS mini-game compilation, on 28th November in Europe.

101-in-1 Explosive Megamix features - you guessed it - 101 mini-games, most of which resemble mouse-driven freeware Flash games. Some - like the helicopter and keepy-uppy ones you can see in our screenshot gallery and trailer - are extremely familiar.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, Flash games are designed to be simple and addictive to waste time at the office, with no particular need for depth or progression, and a DS compilation of them - particularly this many - might do well at serving the same purpose. Although obviously it might not, especially if the controls aren't very good.

Until we found out if they are or not, the press release and assets point to shoot-'em-up bits, racing games, parachutes, archery and plenty of others, and promises high-score tables and wireless multiplayer. Check out our 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix gamepage for more.