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Pair of oldies for Virtual Console

Phantasy Star IV, Mega Man 3.

Nintendo has stuffed two more games into the Wii Virtual Console shop.

Leading the charge is Phantasy Star IV from the days of the Mega Drive, which costs 800 Wii Points (approx GBP 6 / EUR 8) to relive.

Here, spiky-haired heroes save the world turn by turn, complimented by pre-programmed assault routines, combo attacks between players and comic-book-style cut-scenes.

Or there's Mega Man 3, which you might have played on the NES all those years ago. Some people maintain that this is the best in the series: the instalment that introduced the slide move and Rush, the robo-dog helper. Yours for 500 Wii Points (approx GBP 3.50 / EUR 5).

You can expect our thoughts on the pair soon.

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