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Street Fighter IV dated for PS3/360

Out in February.

"Let the countdown commence," Capcom Europe said this evening as it confirmed that Street Fighter IV will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 20th February 2009.

The console versions of Yoshinori Ono's 2D re-beat-'em-up have been hotly tipped in light of near universal acclaim for the arcade version, which came out in Japan this year.

Unconfirmed reports point to a 25-strong character roster for the console versions, and Capcom is known to have worked its little socks off to translate the game's accessible-but-deep controls to the console pads.

Speaking to Eurogamer when we played and previewed Street Fighter IV earlier this year, producer Ono admitted that the pads were an ongoing challenge, but judging by the positive response to the game at the Eurogamer Expo last month - where you voted the game into the top five - it's gone well.

Street Fighter IV's late February release also cements a strong first quarter for Capcom, which is already gearing up to release Resident Evil 5 on the competing console platforms on 13th March.

However, there's currently no word on a release date for the previously announced PC version of Street Fighter IV.