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XBLA games to feature avatars soon

Four current titles, one new one.

Four existing Xbox Live Arcade games and one new one are set to incorporate Avatars when the New Xbox Experience launches on November 19th.

According to Microsoft's Gamerscore blog, Uno, Bomberman Live, Hardwood Hearts and Hardwood Spades will all be updated to feature custom-animated avatars in the menus and lobbies.

There will also be an all-new Live Arcade game featuring fully playable avatars released on November 19th. Microsoft is remaining tight-lipped on the details for now, promising more information "in the coming weeks".

Outside of Live Arcade, the new Scene It quiz game - Scene It? Box Office Smash - will be the first full-price title to incorporate Avatars. It was released last week in the US, where it will be updated with Avatar support on the 19th, but we assume it will launch with the feature when it's released in the UK on 28th November.

We published tons of fresh information on the Xbox 360 interface revamp over the weekend here at Eurogamer. Be sure to read Tom's impressions of the New Xbox Experience beta and interview with Jerry Johnson for more.