Super Street Fighter II Uno deck coming

Unleash the Hadoken command card. Oh yes.

Capcom stunned the world today with the news that a Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix themed card deck is to be released for Uno on XBLA next month. Yes.

XBLA games to feature avatars soon

Four current titles, one new one.

Four existing Xbox Live Arcade games and one new one are set to incorporate Avatars when the New Xbox Experience launches on November 19th.

Most-played 360 games of 2006

Gears numero UNO.

Epic's Gears of War has out-gunned Call of Duty 2, GRAW, and Oblivion for the title of most played game in 2006, Major Nelson's blog-site reports.

New Kameo deck for UNO

Including new swapsies card.

Today will see the release of a new Kameo-themed deck for the Xbox Live Arcade version of UNO, and as with previous themed decks this does more than wrap the thing up in recognisable graphics.

UNO gets PGR3 deck

But Scramble XBLA delayed.

Those of you looking forward to another Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday today will have to go back to playing Time Pilot and Texas Hold 'Em for another week, because Microsoft's confirmed that this week's effort, Scramble, has been delayed.

UNO 360 updated

UNO 360 updated

Matchmaking and other fixes.

The Xbox Live Arcade version of UNO has received an update that fixes issues with multiplayer matchmaking and improves support for themed decks, according to developer Carbonated Games.

Writing on the official forum, program manager Richards Thames Rowan said the matchmaking fix applied to both Quick Match and Ranked Match mode, and also took care of other miscellaneous bugs.

The themed deck support, meanwhile, will allow people to release more decks along the lines of the 35th Anniversary deck, which added new background effects and a new card type.

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UNO eclipses Geometry Wars

In daily demo-to-sale rate.

The Xbox 360 version of UNO has achieved highest daily demo-to-sale conversion rate of any game on Xbox Live Arcade at the moment, eclipsing even Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.



Xbox Live's number one offering?

You might think you've never played Uno, the brightly coloured card game that's been around for more than three decades now, but you probably have. That is to say, you've probably played it with a deck of regular playing cards rather than the proper ones, and you probably played it under an alternative name. We're most familiar with the alternative that ends in "head" and starts with a swearword beginning with S, but that's because we're foul mouthed ****s.

Whatever you call it, the game works like this: each player starts out with a hand of seven cards, and the objective is to get rid of yours first. Everyone takes turns to put down one card that's the same number or colour as the one on the top of the pile. So, for example, you can put a yellow 6 on any other yellow card, or you can put it on a blue, red or green 6.

Just to mix things up a bit, there's also a selection of special cards which you can use to foil your opponents. There's one to reverse the direction of play, one to change the colour that's in play, one to force the next player along to miss their go, and best of all, ones which force them to pick up extra cards.

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