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EA unveils new keep fit game for Wii

Will come bundled with strap-on accessory.

Electronic Arts is attempting to target women in their mid-thirties with a new title that comes bundled with rubber and strap-on accessories.

EA Sports Active is due to launch for the Wii next spring in the US, priced at USD 59.99. It will feature more than 20 sports, including cardio boxing, softball and tennis, and fitness tools such as a virtual personal trainer and calorie counter. You'll be able to customise workouts and take part in a 30-day weight loss programme.

The disc will come bundled with a neoprene peripheral that straps the remote or nunchuk to your leg, and a rubber resistance band to help build strength. You'll also get a "nutritional booklet". Tasty. To top it all off fitness trainer Bob Greene, who is in charge of Oprah's abs no less, is officially endorsing the game.

Speaking to Gamespot, EA Sports boss and former PE teacher Peter Moore said this is a whole new product line - not just a one-off title.

"You can imagine there's an abs version down the road, there's a soccer version down the road," he said.

In a couple of years, Moore added, you might find yourself "having Ronaldo or [Manchester United player] Wayne Rooney or whomever in soccer be your trainer".

According to Moore, EA Sports Active is fun for all - though of course there's always a primary demographic. "This thing is aimed at everybody, you, me, girlfriends, wives, kids, anybody can do it," he said.

"But we've also learned in marketing that you've got to have a focus. If I were to target a sweet spot, it would be a woman in her mid-30s."

There's no word on a European price or release date as yet, but have no fear, we will let you know as soon as possible.

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